About FLAG


The Financial Literacy Action Group (FLAG) is a coalition of seven organizations that work to assist and improve the financial literacy of Canadians. The participating organizations in FLAG are:

What is the purpose of FLAG?

FLAG's goals are to:


  • Contribute to Canada’s ability to demonstrate and achieve excellence and leadership in the field of financial literacy.
  • Promote collaboration amongst participating organizations in terms of programs, activities, and resources while avoiding duplication of efforts. This includes but is not limited to; working together to have November designated in Canada as Financial Literacy Month; collaborate on activities and events that will fall within that month; and continue to nurture Financial Literacy Month and contribute to its overall success.
  • Promote sharing, exchange, continuous inter-communication, and provide updates on the activities – underway and planned – of each of the respective participating organizations.
  • Act as a source of advice and counsel to others who are active in the field of financial literacy or looking to become active. FLAG participating organizations will share their acquired experience and expertise with others who can also help to bring about improvements in financial literacy in Canada.
  • Expand and promote research, resources, and programs that seek to improve financial literacy in Canada.
  • Speak with a common voice to support changes or initiatives that will be of benefit to improved financial literacy in Canada including potential policy initiatives that can further financial literacy in Canada.
  • Maintain a high profile for financial literacy in Canada.